Make Your Own Soda

Are you a great fan of soda but worried about its health hazards? Worry no more, now you can make your own soda at home using a soda machine. Commercially created sodas are not only high on sugar and calories but also contain harmful preservatives and chemicals like phosphoric acid. If you make your own soda pop it can not only save you from exposure to harmful chemicals but can also be a fun kitchen activity to share with your family. Here is how to do it:

• Choose your flavouring agent

You can find a variety of flavouring agents available from the market. You can use either one of them or get creative and use something natural. Ginger root, mint leaves, Lemon, lime and orange zest are a great idea for flavouring your home made soda. Use any one or many of them in combination to get your favourite flavour.

• Choose your carbonation

The most important thing in a soda is the fizz. You can use a number of ways to carbonate the drink while making your own soda at home. Here are a few ideas:

o Buy a carbonation machine: they are reasonably priced and do a good job. Check nearby stores or buy online to get a carbonating machine, you like.

o Dry ice: it is solid carbon dioxide. Be careful while working with it as it may be a bit dangerous but it does a quick job of making your own soda.

o Champagne yeast: this process is slow and takes a few days. If you can’t find champagne yeast, use some brewer’s or bread yeast. Measure the yeast precisely because using too much will leave a yeasty taste in your soda.

• Container

Using a plastic bottle is better as it allows you to check the amount of carbonation building up inside. You may use a glass bottle too. Always use a non-aluminised container when you make your own soda.

• Things you’ll need to make your own soda

o 1 gallon plastic bottle

o 1 gallon drinking water

o A funnel

o Soda extract or natural flavouring agent

o Yeast 1/8th teaspoon

o Sugar 2 and 1/4th cup or artificial sweetener

• How to make your own soda

Take the yeast and add some warm water. Leave it aside for 5 minutes. Fill the bottle with water; add your flavouring agent, sugar, and the yeast mixture. Close the lid and shake well so that all the sugar dissolves. Now put it in a warm dry place to let the yeast brew and carbonate the soda. You can check the amount of gas building up in the bottle by gently trying to press it; the harder it is the more gas it has in it. Let it rest for a few days and then chill and serve. This soda can be used for up to 4 weeks.

Try following these simple steps and you are on your way to make a homemade soda that will be prepared according to your tastes and will be safe as well, without containing harmful chemicals.

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