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The Leaderboards And Its Icons Help A Lot In Playing Roblox

The leaderboards helped a lot in knowing whom I was playing with and also about all the things that were going around me. There are some key elements which I want to share as I found this feature to be very useful. Talking about features, I may say that the features of Roblox is so useful that I seldom required roblox hack for generating coins or for any tips and suggestions. The game’s features are not only related with the gameplay itself but also for maintaining privacy and security as well. This is something I found unique in the game and was very pleased with the developers of this free downloadable game.

Leaderboard of Gaming

The leaderboard is a box which is located in the upper right hand corner of the game’s window. From this place I received all the information about all the players that I was engaged with which even included my team as well. I got information about other player’s icons, current score and much more. I sometimes sent friend request through here and followed many players as well. I also came to know that from here I can block any player that I wanted or report abuse by simply clicking on the name of the player.

The leaderboard has a lot of icons by the side on the names of the payers. I initially wondered about it but later on came to know that different icons are for different purpose. The icons indicated whether players are Classic Builders club members or whether is the creator of the current game. There are also icons for Roblox admins, all of my friends along with all those who have requested to be my friends as well. It also shows all those players whom I have not yet accepted as my friends, players whom I follow or who are following me. Apart from that it also indicated the type of Builders’ club membership a player has.

Socialism In The Game

I had several friend requests while I was playing the game or vice versa. The feature helps in following in-game friends request without having to leave the game to take on the request. When I clicked on the name of the player I want to follow on the leader board and select the Send Friend Request button, my request is sent automatically. It is also the same procedure to un-follow a specific player.  When someone sent me a request, a notification popped up at the lower right hand corner of the screen. I simply had to accept or decline the request by clicking on the right button.

Similarly, for reporting abuse I did the same thing on the leader board to block the payer and report about the incident to the moderators. All the things that I had earned during the game was also indicated at the right hand corner of the board, be it a friend request, or earning of a badge or points. Such features helped me a lot in concentrating in the game and earning a lot of roblox free robux which is the in-game currency I required to have all the time.